You are a magical miracle

The chance of being born is almost impossible!

You are a miracle 💫


Sometimes we think we are small and insignificant. We think that life owes us things ormaybe we think we are not worthy of our place on earth. Our worries are too big, too noisy.


This is a reminder that you are a magical miracle!


The chance of being born according to Mel Robins Ted Talk in 2011, despite all the wars and natural disasters and dinosaurs. Despite all our ancestors meeting and copulating at exactly the right time.. the odds of being alive are -


1 in400 trillion….


So we are in fact, each and every one of us, a complete miracle.


There is almost no chance of being born!



Our responsibility is to believe that we are miracles and to start to live like every breath, every view, every connection, every opportunity is an absolute wonderful gift.


Hope you enjoy the rest of your day in ‘this crazy little thing called life.’ 🌟