‘To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.’
- Oscar Wild

Getting out into nature is one thing but really feeling, seeing and connecting to the beauty this world has to offer can make life infinitely peachier. Nature’s ability to help us reset, connect and put into perspective should never be underestimated and I hope this page inspires you to venture out into the wild a little more, however that takes shape for you.

Paddle boarding with Winnie

Paddle boarding is way more fun with Winnie on the front!
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Smell the roses

Wake up and smell the roses
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Walking somewhere new

Walking somewhere new takes us out of autopilot into presence
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Make Litter Picking Easy

Litter picking with my family
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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Tips to reduce your carbon footprint every day
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Watch a beautiful sunrise with me
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Cartwheels and rainbows after a chilly dip!
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