"Do the best you can until you know better. then when you know better, do better."
- Maya Angelou


Zoe is deeply committed to helping women change the narrative of ageing being negative and to help them embrace and even enjoy the experience. Her whole hearted belief is that we can all thrive if we learn to connect to our bodies and ourselves through the five simple ingredients that can make life feel just that little bit peachier; movement, music, nature, lifestyle and self-awareness. 

With a playful approach and a lifelong passion for helping women find their joy, Zoe has been leading movement classes since her first YTT in 2010 and, in the years that have followed, her training has expanded to include a host of different wellbeing practices all designed to provide a holistic and realistic view of movement and health whilst striving for a peachier life.

Her interest and learnings in how our brains are affected and improved through movement and mindfulness means the way she leads classes is not just hugely beneficial for the body as we age but also helping our brains light up which can improve cognitive function and physical and mental outputs as we help lower stress on the body, brain and nervous system.

Here you will find a collection of things to remind you, inspire you and hopefully bring a little more joy to your day. From beautiful playlists, inspirational people, simple self awareness reminders, breathing exercises or juicy movement to fire up the body and the brain.

This is a place for all women as we age, whoever you are, a peachy community where we can support one another as best as we can.

A note from zoe

No one is a greater expert in you than you are and I am simply here to remind you to allow the best and truest version of yourself to shine through. We are more than enough as we are right now.

Whether you’re here for a moment or joining on a monthly basis, my wish is to help you move freely through the constant shifts and changes of life with a little more confidence and a lot more joy. 

Thank you for joining me, I so hope you find something here to support you.

Love, Zoe