Why so serious?

When did we decide to take life so seriously? How can we loosen up!

When did we become so serious? When did life start being all about getting through the to do lists and not about truly living each moment?


I think children have it right after all..


(In general…!) They are playful and love to laugh, they express their emotions as they feel them; both the love and the rage, they are truly living in the moment, they speak their truth and haven’t learned to lie to please (I’m so happy to be here/ see you/ work late etc) they spend all day learning or playing, they sing or dance or cry whenever the mood takes them, they LOVE their reflection and they tend to be in awe of the world around them with curiosity brimming over, especially the little ones, staring at a leaf or a line of ants, asking questions about the moon…


How did most of us loose this as we grew up, why did we become tighter and more self conscious with age? Why do we care so much about the end result that we forget to have fun along the way. Maybe we have layered on more responsibilities and a good dose of insecurity, self doubt or even self importance.. But really it’s a choice how we approach each day. Can we let go a little of the resistance we have to living life and try to harness a bit of our inner child.


Maybe each day we should try and do something childlike and joyful and inject a little more fun and vitality back into our sensible grown up lives!


Such as one or ALL of the following!





Run and play

Climb a tree

Get muddy

Get wet in the rain

Make something

Write a story

Look in the mirror with love

Paint a picture

Cry or laugh with our whole body

Slow down

Speak our truth

Sing loudly

Eat as messily as possible

Sleep for 10 hours

Learn something new

See really good friends


Tell them you love them


I’m sure you can add more to this list but it is just an idea to get us all started to loosen up a little. After all we are on a spinning ball of molten rock hanging in the infinity of space for a mere nano second in the history of time.. let’s try and live with as much love, joy and kindness as we can possibly muster before we disappear in a puff of smoke and wonder what it was all about 🌟


Z x