What do you love?

We are what we love not what we do.

What do you love to do?

Perhaps we should re-think the first question we all tend to ask each other, 'What do you do?'

We end up defining our identity by what we do to make money.

Maybe we should first want to find out from people what they love, what makes them tick, what makes their soul sing, when do they feel at their happiest? 

Surely this is what lies at our deepest core, a part of our true identity and who we actually are at that moment in time.

Perhaps we are lucky enough that our day job is what we love to do, but if not, perhaps it would inspire us and make us feel more proud to talk about who we really are behind the material things..

I love a good big walk, being outdoors, feeling the sun or rain on my skin, i love snuggling with our daughters, I love listening to great music, dancing, riding, stillness, eating good food, swimming in the sea, camping with my family, playing cards, travelling abroad with my husband, wandering a city on my own, getting into a good book, learning something new, rock climbing, yoga, running, day dreaming..

Maybe there should be more focus on what we love, not what our job status or how busy we are with the side of life that might not be as inspiring to us?

Maybe we should change up our small talk?