The healthy expression of ALL our emotions

I had a big wail in a super market car park last week(hence this photo) and felt a whole load better for it.

Instagram is full of people (me included) only showing the shiny happy parts of their life and while this is lovely it can make us feel like something is wrong if we are not always ‘’up’ or happy.

Nothing is wrong with us, it is part of the wonderful tapestry of what it is to be a feeling, caring, human being.

I think it’s really important to mention this, especially on Mental Health Awareness week, Toxic Positivity can have a negative impact onus as we end up brushing over our deeper emotions in a desperate attempt to always be ‘ok’.

Life is a wonderful rollercoaster and even if we have the immeasurable good fortune of lives that are full of luck there are always up sand downs. There is grief and loss, self doubt and sadness and much more along the way and it is totally ok to feel these things fully, whatever your circumstances.

According to @gabormatemd if we continually push these emotions down and don’t acknowledge them, after time this internal hurt can materialise in life changing auto immune diseases or even some cancers. The British motto of a stiff upper lip and everything being ‘fine’ the whole time is not as healthy for us as we think!

I am ALL for being positive, grateful and looking on the bright side and think it is vitally important to live life like this. Not, however, at the detriment of a full range of emotions that need to be felt, processed and released.

Let it out, let it go and then move on 🤸‍♂️