It's not meant to always be easy..

Maybe the reason some of us find life tough sometimes is not that we have got it wrong but that we are trying to get it right.

It is easy to just be, it is easy to just become who we become; bitter, cross, self-righteous, self important, self loathing, unkind or unsympathetic.

This mentality is an individualist one, me against the world, I'm right, they're wrong kind of vibe..

What is really hard is to try to slowly change our patterns thoughts, responses and actions. It is hard to try to react calmly or kindly when challenged, it is hard to see that everyone's opinion is valid, it can be hard to see the good in everyone, it is hard to truly listen, it is hard to be self aware.

The hard route however is surely the right route to try and take even if it can feel challenging.

Let's be the light and the change. One person at a time, even if it takes a lifetime to get there.