Through the doorway

Can we be content on either side of the door?

We often think that when we get 'there' we will be happy. When we get the job, when we get married, when we get the promotion or the holiday or when we loose weight.. Then we will be happy.

When we get through that next door.

These things can obviously be incredible and bring great joy but if we only rely on particular external circumstances to bring us happiness it can end up being a rollercoaster of emotions as we either long for those things or when we get them we become scared of not having them or loosing them as we weave our identity and happiness tightly in with these external circumstances.

Can we aim for contentment or even happiness on either side of the door? These states of the mind are things to constantly work on from the inside out. Looking at our physical, energetic and emotional wellbeing and supporting ourselves each and every day trying to build up to be as ok as can be, regardless of what situation is unfolding around us.

What can we do to bring us a little more joy today? What is within our control? A walk, a meditation, a long bath, listening to some beautiful music, a few pages of a good book, tuning into the sound of the birds..

Giving ourselves a few moments here and there to tune into something happening right now. These things which are within reach are perhaps a good place to start as opposed to waiting for the bigger moments that are often not within our control or are far ahead in our future..

Z x