The Art of Listening

How good a listener do you think you are?

The art of listening..

I have been thinking about listening a lot lately... I like to think I am a good listener however I don’t think I actually am! Listening is a skill that takes energy and commitment but what we can get in return is true deep connections to those we love, a much better understanding of what’s really going on in their lives and more ability to remember what has been said whether it’s a factual or an emotional conversation. The person will feel heard, well supported and worthy through these improved connections and hopefully they will then improve their own skill of listening and listen to us when we are in need too.

When I think I am listening I am often:


Does anyone recognise themselves in the above? If so...

Can we try to:


I am going to try to be a better listener to those I love as best as I can. What is important to me in this world are the people I love and care for and creating new connectors with people I meet along the way. Through these connections there can be so much joy, as with anything in life can we pull ourselves into awareness and perhaps not always choose to rush past every experience and on to the next... Whether it’s my children, my friends or someone passing in a shop who might want 5 mins of my time my aim is to slowdown just a little to give people the time and energy they deserve.

Hope this is a helpful reminder for us all.

Let me know your thoughts on this and I promise I will listen 😂

Z x