Talking not Listening

Time to say what we need to hear

Anxiety is a shape shifter. For those of us prone to worrying it can appear in many different forms in the hum drum of day to day life.

Worry about work, have I messed up the children, did I say the right thing, have I offended someone, was I too much, too quiet, too loud, did I help enough, can I manage what is ahead of me, a flurry of anxious thoughts.. The repetitive loop in our minds can be tiring when we allow the volume to get too loud and rarely is there a clear answer. At the root of most of the above and other day to day worries seems to be the fear that we are not enough..

If we focus on worry the fear and worry will only grow in strength. Perhaps instead of listening to ourselves so much we should start talking to ourselves more.

Putting a hand on our body and saying out loud 'I am enough' again and again. Quietening the negative noise and slowly changing the pattern of thought. To begin to trust ourselves, like ourselves and support ourselves like we would wholeheartedly do to someone else we love.

I am enough..

Z x