Self Confidence

Self confidence is something we should take time to cultivate.

Self confidence is behind so much. It is the energy and drive behind us having a full and vibrant life or a life perhaps spent always wishing things were different.

So much positive change begins with us being comfortably self confident.

On the opposite side of self confidence is worry, negative self talk, not fulfilling the tasks or habits we set for ourselves and not actioning any self care. This, for me, is when I am on the slippery slope of doubting myself. I very much ebb and flow between the two!

To be self confident we need to stand up tall and take responsibility for our own life, for it's outcomes and how we best take care of ourselves. Perhaps there is freedom on the other side when we begin to live our lives for US and not trapped by living a life to impress anyone else or worrying about what society expects from us.

It is our life, our version of success and our own experience of this world that matters. By learning to grow in self confidence and start to let go of fear we may also give others the permission to live life as they want, as we show them the way.

Life ebbs and flows and of course with that our confidence does too but in general I want to aim to be gently cultivating ways to have my own back, to believe in myself and to grow in self confidence. I am by no means a self confident person, but I am interested in cultivating the qualities that we need to thrive, through some or all of the below: 

Positive affirmations


Mindful Movement


Eating well

Doing things for FUN

Committing to a process

Putting in hard work

Less screens

Sleeping well

Saying no

Saying yes to the right things

Doing new things

Finding JOY


Any more to add?