Quick Fire with TROY founder

My Q and A with Rosie van Cutsem, founder of clothing brand Troy.

What is the inspiration behind Troy?

My sister Lucia and I felt there was a lack of stylish outerwear that also performed. We designed pieces we wanted for our wardrobes, uniquely British in style, luxurious and suited to facing the elements. 


What are Troy’s values?

We make clothes with well thought through designs and quality fabrics, made to last and endure fashions. We make in small batches and ensure the waste is minimal. TROY designs should be effortlessly stylish, thrown on for adventures around the world, and treasured for generations.


What do you love about your job?

I love the variety of working in a small dynamic team and taking each day on as afresh challenge. Using both sides of my brain to be both creative and analytical, and the wonderful people we work with of course. 


What do you find challenging?

Anticipating demand, managing stock and planning for future collections are all enjoyable challenges. You can't get it right every time but we are proud of every style we produce and sometimes it can just take a little longer for things to find their audience, while other pieces fly out the door!


What is the biggest lesson you have leaned along the way?

Passion is vital but compartmentalising stress is as important. 


How do you support yourself within a busy life as a mother and an entrepreneur?

I try to set the alarm 30 minutes before the first child arrives in my room, sometimes to do my Peachy workout and other times just to think over the day ahead... ideally without my phone! A short spell of reflection sets me up for the day and allows me to be in the best frame of mind for both the thunder of small feet into my room and stepping into the office.


What brings you joy?

Family and friends, food food and wine... and horses.


Where do you go to escape it all?

The saddle


Typical breakfast?

Eggs on toast


Go to exercise or movement?

I would always have said exercise as I love the endorphin rush but Peachy has opened my eyes to the joy of free movement.


Guilty pleasure?

Master chef and milk chocolate


Motto to live life by?

You only live once... but admittedly this sometimes gets me into trouble!