Micro Chages

Let's make positive changes that actually last (for once!)

If you are anything like me normally by this stage in September all my many illusions of self betterment at the start of the new school year have fallen by the wayside and I am back to my normal bad habits.


In the past I would write long lists of all the changes I would endeavour to make at this time of year. Get fit, be healthy, create more, be more, do more… the list is always big and often vague so there is very little hope of actually sticking to any of them let alone seeing them through for a decent amount of time.


This year I am trying out the much more manageable idea of micro changes. Choosing just one small positive change to implement at a time. The aim is to give it a few weeks to take hold, to make new neural pathways in the brain and repeat the new habit enough until it is slipped into the brain as a subconscious habit, like brushing ones teeth. Not a chore or a big thing to remember, just part of ones daily routine.


Once this habit is well set a few weeks later, another one can then be added and bit by bit we add in goodness, health and well-being into our lives.


Perhaps it’s drinking hot water and lemon each morning on waking, stretching for 5minutes before starting the day, turning off a phone, reading before bed, writing a diary, getting up 10 mins earlier, walking to work... Anything that improves the enjoyment of your day and the vitality of your life 🌟


Whatever change you want to make. Keep it simple. Achievable. Less berating, less guilt.


Mine is to make and drink one fresh green juice every morning.


What’s yours?


Z x