Listen in rather than listen out.

We are bombarded with instructions and risk loosing our intuition.

There are so many instructions in life that we are encouraged to follow, perhaps especially on these channels..

Do this and you'll be healthy, do this and you'll be happy, do this and you'll fail miserably..

I think with all this noise we have lost our intuition. We have lost our ability to sit still, to tune in and to listen to our own bodies and minds.

What do we really need?

Do we need action or rest? 

Do we need connection or quiet?

Do we need movement or mindfulness?

Do we need to let loose or reign it in?

Perhaps instead of always searching outside of ourselves for the answers we can increase our own intuition by simply being a little quieter from time to time, taking a moment to check in and listen to what the body comes back with?

With this understanding we can then properly implement self care on any given day and take responsibility for ourselves and our subsequent actions and interactions.

Let's listen in rather than always try to listen out.