Maybe inconsistency is more normal than we think?

Maybe inconsistency is more normal than we give it credit for? 

I often feel guilty for how inconsistent I can be.

One day will be green juice and a run, the next day will be crisps, wine and no movement.

One day I will be hard at work and full of confidence, the next day I will be achieving very little and feeling like I am not enough.

One day I will be sociable and friendly, another I might be quiet and withdrawn.

One day I adore what I do and who I am and the next I want a new job, a different focus.

I have spent a lot of time labelling one of these days as good and the other as bad, something to get rid of and always aim for better.

Who are we trying to impress and does it really matter?

Perhaps trying to avoid these feelings and actions only makes them worse? Perhaps a natural rise and fall in some areas of life should be seen as more normal.

We know there is no such thing as perfect so what are we trying to do by always chasing 'better' and not softening into 'good enough for today'. There are always goals and things to work towards but let's not let them be at the detriment of today's energy and not labelling it as anything other than a precious day of life.

A messy, human life.