How walking lengthens life

Fast walking is linked to a longer life

I love walking.

It moves me, lifts my spirits and inspires me.

I get told I walk way too fast but was happy to be shown research in my favour of any of us speedy marchers!

There was a study done by the University of Leicester who studied more than 400,000 UK adults and confirmed the health benefits of a fast paced walk.

They confirmed faster walking was associated with longer telomeres. Telomeres are the 'caps' at the end of each chromosome, which hold DNA that protect the chromosomes from damage. When chromosomes unravel or become too damaged this is the end of our existence.

Researchers from the University of Leicester have shown that as little as 10 mins brisk walking a day is associated with longer life expectancy, and that brisk walkers have up to 20 years greater life expectancy compared to slow walkers. A great reason to get out and speed up!