How to care for your skin

Top tips from Oskia Skincare Founder

I tend to keep my skincare routine shortish and sharp due to using formula-heavy and ingredient-rich products rather than 1 ingredient products - I'd prefer 4 products rather than 15.

However, I do spend a lot of time trying out new actives during the day, so I try and keep to the same am and pm routine as much as I can. The golden rule for all routines is to use products that are designed for your skin type only -ie oily, dry, sensitive.

Then the key things to remember is that Day Time is for protection and Night Time is for repair and regeneration; If you are using a treatment product to 'change' something, use it twice a day, unless it is retinol which should only be used at night, once.

And lastly to take your time. Always leave a bit of time between each product as it's best to let them sink in before you apply the next. I always cleanse during the children's bath time and then apply my exfoliant or serum then, and the rest before bed. If I then fancy slipping in another serum I then have plenty of time.



Cleanse - Treatment -Moisturise - SPF

Cleanse Renaissance Cleansing Gel - This is a rich, enzyme, vitamin pink gel cleanserthat is absolutely brilliant. It removes all dirt, makeup and excess oil but leaves skin supple, soft and glowing. It was the first gel-to-oil cleanser on the market when it launched 10 years ago so I am rather proud of this one. I don't always cleanse in the morning - depends on whether its been a hot nigh tor not. 


Treatment Super 16 Collagen Serum- This is a super anti-ageing all rounder of 16 super actives that range from brightening to collagen boosting which I use all over - eyes and neck included. I use all our products around the eye area. I know 'anti-ageing' isn't a good word, but it still describes what we are all trying to do - to look a little younger and less tired (which I think comes with age and our heavier responsibilities). This will help with pigmentation, but if this is your concern you need to use a dedicated treatment product that is clinically proven to reduce hyper-pigmentation, such as the Bright light which reduces melanin production in four different ways. 


Moisturise - If my skin is dry or dehydrated I will add some Universal Hylauronic Serum

which is  HUGE 250ml that I also use on my body. 

Renaissance 360- my favourite moisturiser - again targets evening skin tone which is my biggest concern (I had terrible melasma during my pregnancies). 

During the winter, the best trick is to apply an oil as it reflects light, locks in moisturiser, boosts the lipid barrier and just makes you glow. It's a brilliant cheat for instant effect. I'm currently using our Super C Beauty Capsules - which are little orange hearts (made from sea-weed not plastic) containing an oil based Vitamin C and they smell delicious!).

SPF - key and key to reapply to use only that you LOVE using and don't mind laying on top during the way!! I am using Super Goop at the moment and love it. I prefer chemical SPF's rather than mineral as they are much lighter in texture. 


Cleanse - Exfoliate -Treatment - Hydration - Retinol - Oil

Cleanse - Again you can't beat the Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I will double cleanse if I am wearing make up and always. When pre-menstrual when skin gets oiler, I will swap for a few days to the City Life Cleanser or the new Violet Water Cleansing Gels which are both Salicylic Acid based and will clear out excess sebum. 

Exfoliate - I then apply Liquid Mask twice a week which is a brilliant Lactic Acid exfoliant and I honestly haven't found anything that leaves skin so smooth nor bright. Its quick and doesn't need the faff of washing off. I leave this on for 5 mins and then apply directly on top, my treatment serum.

Treatment - the Super 16 and then, three times a week, our new Super R Retinoid Capsules. Retinoids are absolutely brilliant and the most proven active out there. You must start with low doses and only a few times a week and gradually build up. These capsules contain, in my view, the best retinoid out there called HPR which will totally regenerate your skin - helping reduce pigmentation, boosting plumpness and reducing wrinkles (over time). It also contains a host of other actives, including Vit C, Turmeric and lots of anti-inflammatories. The results these have had on acne is incredible. This is actually oil based and usually I wouldn't follow with anything other than and another oil, but if my skin is sore (from trying out new actives on the market - my face is always the first tester of any new active we are looking at) then I would use the Rest Day Barrier Repair Balm instead as as it locks in moisture and repairs damaged barrier functions.  It's packed full of barrier repairing ingredients such as prebiotics and ceramides and equally brilliant during the day too if you have dry, sensitive skin. 

My heaven oil is the Restoration Oil which is super light, and as with all our products packed full of actives and not just oils. Always apply your oils last. This I apply when I turn off the light. 

Hope this helps you all!

Georgie x