How do we look at ourselves?

What we choose to notice about ourselves..

What do you see when you look in the bathroom mirror?

More often than not when we peer at ourselves through bleary eyes first and last thing in the day we notice what we aren't so keen on.. puffy eyes, a tired face, new lines and the frizzy grey's springing up..

@melrobbins has a book called The High Five Habit which is all about looking in the bathroom mirror and changing what you notice.

Can we see a human being. Someone who has lived and survived and risen from challenges and trials throughout life. Can we notice what our bodies have done for us rather than berating them for what they can't do. She advises putting a hand on the mirror in a High 5 which I have to admit I really struggle with being an awkward Brit! I LOVE the holding of the eye contact and looking at yourself with compassion, kindness and encouragement as you pause for a moment and connect with yourself before going about your day knowing you have your own back.

Simple shifts can have huge benefits, give it a go and see how you get on..

Z x