Hormone Workshop

Join GP Dr Mandy Leonhardt and I to support your health and hormones.

Ageing is an inevitable part of a woman's life but how we support ourselves within this aging process is a choice.

It doesnt have to cost a lot but it can help improve the quality of our life drastically if we can equip ourselves with knowledge of how to care for our bodies and minds both medially and holistically.

Join Mandy and I on Thursday 9th May from 11.30-2.30

There will be yoga to open and release allowing us to be more present, connected, cool and confident.

A talk from Dr Mandy on everything hormones, health and ageing with a chance for a Q&A at the end.

A healthy vegetarian lunch will be included too.

Location: The Victory Rooms, Bucklebury.

Please send a message here to register your interest and hold your spot!

Zoe and Mandy xx