Expansion and Contraction

Ebbs and Flows are a natural course of nature for us all.

The world expands and contracts, the tide, the moon, the sun, all work in their ebbs and flows together like a dance of nature. They don’t fight each other, they complement each other and couldn’t do their job without the opposing energy.


Justas the outside world expands and contracts so does our inner world, the physical body, our breath and our energy or creativity, the pulse and flow of life both internal and external.


This expansion and contraction is a part of life. Sometimes we are positive, creative, open and confident. Sometimes we are subdued, quiet, un motivated and wanting to cosy up.


We tend to see these two opposites as positive and negative experiences but can we get better at watching the ebb and flow of life without always resisting or beating ourselves up when we are feeling more contracted.


Just like animals who hibernate or tides that rise and fall so we have rhythms and tides that shift and change. We won’t always be ‘up’ but we also won’t always be ‘down’.


Being energised and positive feels amazing but making time to be still, to recuperate, to rest is also really important. This will then hopefully leave us brimming over with energy so when the energy lifts and the expansion comes we are ready to embrace it with both hands and get as much from it as we possibly can.


Just as we learn to watch our breath in meditation or mindfulness can we also learn to watch our energy with the same intrigue. Standing one step back so we observe ourselves fully and are not so tied up in our heads wishing we were in a different place. We can then respond to ourselves accordingly.


We are entirely new cells every 7-10 years so we are constantly changing, growing, shedding. I agree with the belief that the more we resist these tides of energy the more we get stuck, so can we let go, go with the flow, not sweat the small stuff and give ourselves a break from time to time to quote but a few good sayings!


Whether you are feeling full of energy and at the top of your game or whether you are feeling quieter and more contracted, it is all normal, it is all right and it will all change again in the dance of energy and life 💜