Date yourself

Can we spend time alone and really soak up the experience?

So I am all for self improvement. I love awareness and learning, changing my habits and seeing if I can navigate my way to be a better mother, wife, friend and hopefully a better human. I see this as a strong and proud purpose in my life HOWEVER... sometimes too much of this can mean that I am always living in the future, always moving forwards and not always recognising how I am actually doing an ok job and to give myself a break.

Can we become our own best friends. How kindly would you talk to them? What would you do for them to show them how much you love and support them? Can we give ourselves permission stop, recognise and also to treat ourselves? A wonderful mentoring course I did with one of my teachers encouraged us to ‘date’ ourselves from time to time, to take ourselves off to a gig, a gallery, a walk somewhere you haven’t explored before or out to lunch and soak up the experience alone rather than be with other people the whole time. I found this occasional habit to be so beneficial, not always rushing on to the next thing or distracting myself with others and their needs but giving myself permission to wander, to have a break, to soak up my moment. To spend a few moments dreaming up something YOU and only you would love to do, no one else’s opinion needs to come into it! Then setting the time aside in the week and sticking to it, it is just as important as all the other things, in fact maybe more so as then you can return to work, family and other commitments refreshed and replenished 🥰

I have fallen out of practice of this understandably due to these last 12months or so but I am writing this more as a reminder to myself that I need to return to this simple but powerful practice. A step out of normal routine but with intention and purpose and no ideally no guilt! If this resonates could you do something exclusively for yourself over the next few days and really enjoy the indulgence because it is SO deserved.. it really is. It doesn’t even have to cost anything at all