Conscious movement

The difference between zoning out or zoning in

I believe there can sometimes be a misconception that yoga or conscious movement is about zoning out and switching off and whilst this can feel nice in the short term I think it is completely missing the treasure trove that can be unearthed when we actually begin to zone in..


If we can begin to zone in to the moment, we can practice having a heightened sense of awareness. Aware of the moment, the breath, the body and its sensations. Aware of our thoughts and our habits, our irritations or our reactions.


From this place of zoning in and watching, from this place of awareness, we then can more easily access the choices needed to make potentially positive change:


How should I move my body?

What thoughts should I allow my mind to ruminate on?

Are my reactions ok or can I improve?

How do I treat myself?

How do I treat those I love?

How am I at the moment?

Am I listening?

What is my imprint on the world?

What lights me up?


I believe we can only begin to answer these questions if we allow ourselves to be aware from time to time. Allowing a pause in our over thinking minds to access more intuitive answers with a little perspective.


I find a moving meditation a great starting point for this practice of zoning in.. Seeing what flows, what feels good in the body, how we can simultaneously create space and strength and turning our movement practice into a type of meditation with breath, sensation and awareness..


Any other way we can get some space in our busy lives to pause and perhaps redirect the ship from time to time?