Age UK

AGE UK monthly creative sessions.

In 2018 Jake and I set up studio zo comprising of monthly wellness sessions for the lovely Age UK clients.

They were 90 minute meet ups where I led them through some chair yoga and movement, then they had a lesson in something creative and then tea and cakes and chats all at the beautiful Wasing Well-being yoga studio. The creative sessions ranged from cooking to art to tomato growing and more. A different expert would kindly give their time each month explaining their skill and then we provided the Age UK clients with the implements they needed to continue this skill at home - ingredients for cooking, tomato plants to grow or water colour paints and paper..

The sessions were a huge hit and all 100% free for the lovely men and women who joined. Sadly due to covid they had to wind up for now although I hope they will continue and flourish again in the future!