Act rather than react

Does it really matter?

We all get annoyed by the small things in life, swearing in a traffic jam, hurrying the children a little too forcefully in the morning, grappling with the damn booster seats (me!), sighing with tiredness as we embark on our work for the day, the list goes on..

These seemingly little irritations can have a big effect on us, our general happiness and what we focus our attention on.

If we can pause for just a moment and ask ourselves if it really matters as our mercury starts to rise. This nano second pause means we try to consciously act rather than simply react. Even if it only works occasionally it is still a skill worth working on!

Big problems need proper solutions but for the small things.

Does it really matter if:

I am a little late

I took a wrong turn

I asked a silly question

I have lost the car keys yet again

I am a little scruffy

I spilt something on my top

I burned supper, again!

I a little too forgetful?

This is my list, you will no doubt have your own! In reality none of these things matter. We have life, we have breath.

When we feel ourselves heading into patters of irritation as the little things get in our way perhaps we can zoom out for just a second and ask ourselves if it really matters and if not maybe even manage to smile at the absurdity of caring about these things when we are on a ball of molten lava spinning in the infinity of space!

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