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Mini New Year RETREAT

Do you want to beat the blues this January and give yourself the gift of wellness?

With this in mind I invite you to join my 6 day home retreat kicking off on
Blue Monday, 16th January 2023
(also available to start at a later date)

for only £25.00 you will get a whole host of goodness over the 6 days.

It is simple, effective and enjoyable.
A little movement, a little mindfulness, a little music, a little breathwork and lots more to aid your wellbeing each day alongside some delicious healthy juice and soup
recipes from Clodagh McKenna. There are also generous discounts from some of my favourite brands.

The aim is that this mini retreat can be done alongside work and other commitments but that we create some
healthy habits and some lasting positive changes for our body, mind and overall vitality.

I so hope you join me for our week to reset and renew.

All love,
Zoe xx


A little teaser of what's to come